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Silverlight 2 Poster Available

imageYou’re not a real Silverlight developer until you have the poster stuck up on your wall.

Apparently these were hot at Mix.

Thanks to Brad Abrams for posting it.

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Silverlight for Nokia Phones

image BBC News has just released an article referring to a deal made between Microsoft and Nokia to put Silverlight on mobile phones.

Yet another reason to get polishing those WPF skills.

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There’s a New Free .Net 3.5 Poster Available

Brad Abrams has just posted a link to the latest .Net poster. It’s apparently been updated since the last one, and is available in a few new formats.


Don’t ask me why I like these things. I’ve eagerly printed out all of them, but never looked at them after that. I can’t help it though; they have this strange sense of appeal. It’s as if by printing them out and hanging them for visitors to my office to see, it somehow demonstrates the totality of my wisdom and knowledge- a few strange quasi-English words grouped in a few colorful blocks. Not unlike what my children stick on their walls really.

Tip: The XPS file is nice. It scales better than the PDF. The large XPS file isn’t large byte-wise (~1.5MB), but it’s memory-hungry. Opening it in IE7 forces my other running apps to slow to a crawl. Get the split XPS instead, unless you have a great big printer and aren’t doing anything else.

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Learning LINQ with LINQPad

I’ve been trying to learn LINQ. Chris Sells recommended C# 3.0 in a Nutshell, which has turned out to be really good. The name of the book doesn’t really do the LINQ part of it any justice – it could have been called C# 3.0 and LINQ, as the LINQ section is so good. If you want to learn LINQ in depth, with an easy to follow explanation, C# 3.0 in a Nutshell is a great option.

Along with the book, the author created a small application called LINQPad. It’s absolutely fantastic for learning LINQ with. And best of all, it’s free.

And if that weren’t enough, tucked deep inside the LINQPad samples is a link to a very helpful diagram for learning C# LINQ comprehension syntax. And that’s free too!

Not only is the author good at writing, he’s extremely generous too.

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