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You Need to Follow-Through

A successful person gets things done. If you want to move from mediocrity to success, you need to follow through on your ideas.

So how can InTray help?

Get Everything Out of Your Head

First, you’re going to get everything out of your head and into the app. This will be an ongoing process as you’ll always have things pop up that you need to get done.

You can use the app to quickly take a photo. You might want to take a photo of that empty fridge before heading to work, so you remember to pick some food up on the way home.

Or, record a voice message of anything that comes to mind e.g “compare car insurance quotes tonight”
{{< figure src=”recording-audio-notes.jpg” caption=”Recording a message in the InTray app”>}}

Decide What’s Important and What’s Urgent

Once you have everything down in your [In-tray]({{< ref “/products/intray” >}}) you can go through and mark everything that is important. These are the tasks you need to work on first.

Now go through your list and decide what tasks are urgent. Once you’ve marked a task as urgent it will move to the Urgent list. You want to focus most of your time and getting the important and urgent tasks done.

Once a task is complete mark it completed and it will go into your log in the main menu.

Get started now by downloading the app for free.