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task manager

A brand new way to manage your life.

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  • One Simple Button

    No complicated screens to navigate.

    • Add Tasks Easily

      One button to add all your tasks.

    • User-friendly Design

      Feel right at home with a familiar design to your native device apps.

  • Picture-Tasks & Voice Memos

    Can’t think of a title for your task? No problem!

    • Capture Photos

      Take photo-reminders with your camera or import screenshots from your gallery.

    • Record Voice Memos

      Can’t type right now? Record a message instead.

    • Use Speech Recognition

      Use your device’s built-in speech recognition to type for you as you speak.

  • Add Details As-You-Go

    No need to write everything down at once, add more information to your tasks whenever need to.

    • Make Lists
      E.g. Shopping lists, sub-tasks, movies you’d like to see.
    • Save links to webpages.
    • Pictures
      Add photos from your camera or gallery.
    • Screenshots
      Take a screenshot, add it to your task.
    • Voice Memos
      Record a message, interview or conversation.
    • Coming Soon - Documents
      Attach any document to a task and edit in-place.
  • Simple Prioritization

    Easy-to-use organization system.

    • Task cards
      Tasks are cards with all the information you need right there in front of you.
    • Image Previews
      See your photos on your cards and view them full-screen with one-click.
    • Two Lists
      Add tasks to an Urgent or a Non-urgent List.
    • Star Important Tasks
      One-click marking of important tasks by starring them, just like you do in other apps.
    • Easy Sorting
      Sort alphabetically, by date created, or by deadline.
  • Notifications

    Let your phone remind you of your task.

    • Deadlines
      Get a notification when a deadline is reached.
    • Coming Soon - More Reminders
      Add reminders to suit you.
  • Keep Your Data Private

    Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

    • Data Is Stored On Your Phone
      Unless you ask us to save it in the cloud, all your data is only stored on your phone. It never gets uploaded.
    • We Don’t Snoop
      We don’t keep any information about your data at all. It’s all private to you.
    • Sensitive Task Switch
      Stop prying eyes seeing things you don’t want them to.
  • Manage Your Data Easily

    • Log and Trash folders
      Recover completed or deleted tasks if you need to.
    • Manual Backups
      Make sure you don’t lose your data using our simple backup tool
  • Dark Mode

    Reduce eye-strain with dark mode whenever you want it.

    • In-App Toggle
      Use the in-built toggle to switch between modes.
    • Automatic Preference Switching
      Switch to dark mode automatically on devices that support it.
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    InTray for Android

    Task management for Android phones and tablets.


    Offline version


    Get it on Google Play
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    InTray for iPhone

    Task management for the iPhone and the iPad.


    Offline version