My Top 7 Quick Productivity Wins

Most time-management books propose similar tips. I’ve combined them into a list of my top 7 “quick wins” for you to try out.

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It can be overwhelming figuring out what works best when it comes to making the most of your time. There are so many time management books out there and just not enough time to read them all.

What I’ve found is that there are a few common tips found in most productivity books. I’ve combined them into a list of my top 7 “quick wins” for you to try.

1. Learn to say no.

Don’t be afraid to offend someone if your gut feeling is to say no. You only have so much time and when you commit to something, you’re saying no to something else.

2. Have some fun.

Schedule time to relax and play. If you’ve got something planned in your schedule to look forward to then you’re much more likely to try and work harder to get your work finished.

3. Put pen to paper.

Write a to do list to get everything out of your head.

4. Schedule time for interruptions.

Make time in your day for the unexpected. Things are always popping up and it’s much easier to deal with interruptions if you plan a set time to deal with them.

5. Take a pause.

Before you commit to a request, pause and consider what you’re committing to.

6. Fewer and shorter Meetings.

Most meetings go way over time and are just not necessary. Try to cut down the frequency and time of your meetings.

7. Stop procrastinating.

Want to do something? Don’t think someday – do it now. Decide what your first step should be and take it.

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Written by Sarah Bushnell Sarah is a software tester and writer from Warrington, Cheshire in the U.K. She graduated in Law and General Studies from the University of Bolton and has worked for Tudutu Ltd for over 10 years. She enjoys reading and has a passion for learning about personal productivity in the home and every-day life.