InTray for Android
InTray for Android

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  • Home

    Tasks shown as cards. Urgent and Non-urgent lists. Add Task button. Pop-out Menu.

    Screenshot of Home Screen on Android phone
  • Add Task (+) Action Button

    Add tasks using notes (i.e. using a title and description), photos from your camera or gallery, voice memos or speech recognition.

    Screenshot of Android phone using Tudutu In-tray to quickly add items by taking photos or recording your voice
  • Task Details

    Add a title, a rich text description (including bold, italics, lists, and links), mark the task urgent, important (starred), sensitive or done.

    Screenshot of Task Details form on Android phone using Tudutu In-tray to save tasks, notes, lists and links
  • Task Attachments

    Attach as many photos, screenshots and voice recordings as you like.

    Screenshot of Android phone using Tudutu In-tray to attach photos, screenshots & audio
  • Sorting and Filtering Options

    Sort your tasks in alphabetical order, oldest-first, newest-first, last-updated first, by deadline or by urgency. Filter tasks using the stars, showing starred (important), non-starred (not important) or both.

    Screenshot of Android phone using Tudutu In-tray to prioritise tasks using deadlines, importance and urgency.
  • Task Actions

    Take action on a card: mark it done, edit it, add to your calendar, send to someone else, share to another application, or delete.

    Screenshot of Android phone using Tudutu In-tray to perform an action, schedule or share tasks
  • Dark mode

    Dark mode can be switched on manually on all devices using the in-app switch. Can be set automatically on devices which support dark mode.

    Screenshot of Android phone showing Tudutu In-tray in dark mode

Why use InTray for Android?

Password eye icon

No sign-up required

There’s no need to create an account or sign up so you can start getting stuff done straight away!

Padlock icon

We care about your privacy

That’s why we’ve made it so you can choose to store your data on your device, not in the cloud.

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It’s fast

Our expert engineers have made sure that the app runs quickly, smoothly and reliably. It won’t slow down your phone.

Pencil & Paintbrush icon

Focus on Design

We hope you love our design as much as we do. Take a look for yourself.

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You don’t need to worry about losing your data as we’ve included automatic and manual back up.

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Light/Dark Themes

And, so the app looks the way you want it, you can choose between light and dark themes and add your own background.

Rainbow icon

Custom themes

Just like a real-world planner, choose the style that suits you. Make it your own!