Apps and PWAs

Do you want to create an app that runs on an iPhone, iPad, an Android phone or tablet? Do you wish to release it to clients, to your teams or to the app-stores?

We have been making apps for phones for many years – long before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Apple’s eye, we built apps for Windows Mobile using the Compact .Net (dotnet) framework.

We understand the challenges in designing good user experiences in a mobile app, and we know how to get your apps into the app stores, helping you to navigate the immense amount of admin required.


One of the main challenges in writing apps is deciding which platform to write them for. Apple and Google have both created unique platforms which not only require an understanding in how users interact with them, but also how they provide services and security. Each has different ways of doing things, and building apps which support both platforms can be tricky.

We offer app development using Google’s Flutter framework, the most efficient way for us to offer your users a fast, native-like experience from an app and offer you an efficient, maintainable codebase to keep the costs as low as possible. Our applications integrate with the native platform and can take advantage of the camera, location services, notifications, voice recognition, and much more. Our apps can be built using a database on the phone itself, or with a database in the cloud. There are many options and we can build you a great app which will make you proud.


PWAs, or Progressive Web Applications, are a style of software application which are built using JavaScript and HTML 5 rather than the native application platforms. They run in the browser but can be made to look like an app, giving you many of the benefits of a natively-built app too. They offer the benefit of being platform-agnostic, so you can run it anywhere – even on a desktop machine – and development can be cheaper and easier to maintain. JavaScript and HTML are supported by a wonderfully rich ecosystem and you’ll be surprised how close you can get to native-application performance and capabilities without ever needing to go near native technologies.

A PWA runs on the web and is free from all the necessary admin and terms required by the various app stores. Updates are simple, and you’ll never need to go through a gruelling app-review process.

Contact us now to discuss your ideas and get a no-obligation quote. We’ll let you know what is possible and how we can help you out.