Enterprise Software

We love making software, especially for businesses who love what we do for them. And with the technology available to us today, we share an amazing opportunity with you in using software to help you build a more efficient business and in finding ways to help you work more productively in your teams.

From desktop applications to tablets and phones, from web apps to intranets, we can help you build a better business.

Windows and .Net Applications

Windows and .Net (dotnet) have been a standard in the enterprise for 20 years, and we have been building apps on that platform for just as long. They offer unmatchable integration points into the operating system, giving your users the best ways to interact with low-level features and other applications in ways which simply aren’t possible within a browser-based application.

If you need a Windows client (WinForms or WPF), an ASP.Net site or a Web Service connecting to a SQL Server database, we can help you analyse, design and build it for you.

Browser-based Intranet Applications – React, Angular and Vue

Recent trends have seen enterprise software development move towards browser-based applications, mainly running in JavaScript using React, Angular or Vue. And of course, services running in the Cloud are now more popular than ever, and work superbly well as a back-end to browser-based apps. AWS, Azure and GCP are all great cloud-service providers and we support them all.

Unfortunately, the trends in this area change and evolve rapidly, and choosing the correct technology without the benefit of experience can often lead to disastrous results. Make sure you choose the right architecture before setting off on your project and avoid expensive mistakes.

Web Services and Rest APIs

No enterprise can afford to run applications in a “silo” any more. Business software must integrate with other systems by sharing data with many other services and programmes. You can do this by creating “web services” - programmes which run 24/7 on a server.

We have been building web services for many years, using SOAP and Rest APIs to integrate with databases, network services and external services in a performant, secure way. We can offer you the expertise of knowing how to balance all these architectural challenges and create services which support and integrate your existing business systems.

Contact us now to discuss your ideas and get a no-obligation quote. We’ll let you know what is possible and how we can help you out.