Content-Driven Websites

Even though they look simple, modern websites are extremely complex. No website just stays as it was first built, but must grow constantly, with new content being adding all the time.


Wordpress is the most popular system to run business sites and blogs because it’s so easy to get started and control. And if you need one, we can help you do that. But it’s not the only option, and these days it may not be the best.

When a Wordpress starts to struggle, it can be really expensive to maintain. For example, if you get a sudden spike in traffic, maybe from an important marketing campaign, your site can slow to a crawl, even stop responding. That’s the worst thing that can happen to a campaign like that.

Wordpress sites also benefit from a wide-range of plugins, offering services which are cheap, often free. But Wordpress is built using the PHP programming language, and every plugin slows down the page response time, often adding large amounts of unnecessary data to the webpage too. Your users are left watching a page load while you could be left with a huge and ever-growing bill as you try to keep it running fast. And as Google uses page-loading speed as a ranking factor, your search engine results are affected too.

Also there’s the security - running a Wordpress site on your own server leaves you open to attacks. Plugins are often found to be insecure, and without the correct security in place, ransomware can be installed on your machine and take over your website completely, with attackers demanding high prices to retrieve your site again.

There are many other aspects of Wordpress - such as costly, disorganised version control systems, difficult-to-maintain resources, hacky developers, etc - which we prefer to avoid. So we offer an alternative - Statically Generated Sites.

Static, Generated Sites

Fast, Secure, and content-driven, statically generated websites offer the benefit of both worlds. You can run your site cheaply using any webserver and yet still update it with content whenever you want. And, as it doesn’t need PHP, it runs at lightning speed for everyone. Google loves that too.

The idea is that instead of using PHP to recreate your pages time and time again (which are essentially the same for every user anyway), you generate your site once creating static files which can be served at the fastest possible speeds, and are totally secure too.

The systems we use to create static websites allow us to control many versions using Github, a modern code repository which makes multiple branches of development painless. Large upgrade projects can be run side-by-side with maintenance releases without resulting in a last-minute nightmare when you need to go live.

Save yourself all the aggravation and labour, and contact us now to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote. We’ll let you know what is possible and how we can help you out.